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10 · 09 · 2019

Warsaw Autumn with Danish artists

Warsaw Autumn 2019

“Air is the centre of sound, where sound is born and through which it moves”. Air is also a central component in the “Pneuma – Expanded Reality” – theme at this year’s edition of Warsaw Autumn (Warszawska Jesień), Poland’s largest festival for international contemporary music.


Warsaw autumn has, since 1956, been a festival that has sought to showcase various tendencies in modern music as well as relating these tendencies to the established modernist music traditions. The festival has continuously gathered an international crowd and is today established as a leading and highly esteemed event in contemporary music within Europe. This position owes to the festivals ability to combine the young and talented with more established acts. Also is the festival renowned for presenting a broad array of music that keeps challenging, inspiring and seducing audiences, both new and old, who are in want of music new and different, from what the popular airwaves usually has to offer.


This year will see over 50 festival events, as well as 19 first performances and 17 composer debuts. Among these Danish contributions:


Danish ensemble SCENATET in collaboration with soloist Ida Urd will be performing the work Gaze for Gaze (2017) by Niels Rønsholdt who will also be attending the festival.


SCENATET is an experimental ensemble based in Copenhagen; their work takes place in the conceptual space between contemporary music and conceptual art. SCENATET has existed since 2008 and since then they have crossed the fields of dramaturgy, performance and conceptual art and music and bringing these together in an undefined category that makes experimental music and art accessible to the public. Their performance will take place on the 21st of September in the ATM Studio at 19.30 and again on the 22nd of September in the ATM Studio at 22.30.


Niels Rønsholdt is a Danish composer educated at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus; his works includes experimental operas, installations, performances and concert music.

In addition to presenting his work Gaze for Gaze composer Niels Rønsholdt will also be attending a “Meet the Composer” event as well as a composing workshop. The composing workshop is open to the public but active participation is restricted to preselected composers. Both events takes place at the Austrian Cultural Forum on 23rd of September, “Meet the Composer” is at 12.00 and the workshop will be held at 15.00.


You can also experience the works b (2012) and H (2014-17) by Danish composer Simon Løffler performed by polish Ensemble Kompopolex. Løffler is a Danish composer from the Royal Academy of Music, he works both with traditional instruments as well as novel instrumental concepts, such as the work “b” where interaction between the musicians and fluorescent light become the instruments as the music and sound is created by physical interaction between the performers. As well as the work “H” where rotating blades dictates the playing of tuning forks. Both works can be experienced on the 23rd of September in the IMKA Theatre at 22.30.