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24 · 11 · 2016

MIKRO PHONIC Spoke’N’Word Festival

Spoken word poetry is not meant for a book, but for the stage. Its performance combines the elements of poetry, theater and music, and may take form of regular recitation, rapped lyrics, political speech, autobiographical monologue, fairy tale or Hyde Park story.


Spoken word poets and slammers feel the need to comment the reality, to advocate for diversity and equality. During the performance they speak loudly and freely about the unsaid, painful or unaccepted.


The theme of this year’s Spoke’N’Word Festival is MIKRO PHONIC. The festival brings together artists and performing poets from Austria, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Hungary.


Danish Cultural Institute in Poland has invited Danish journalist in spe, actress, educator and poetry slammer Katrine Volsing, who is very active on the performing poetry scenes all over Denmark. In 2015 Katrine came in second at the national championship in poetry slam, she also represented Denmark at the world championship in France.


Katrine Volsing:


Before the Pan-European Spoke’N’Word show a Polish-language poetry slam is taking place. Slammers can sign up for their performance at


Spoke’N’Word Festival

Saturday December 3rd 2016, 7 p.m.

The Laboratory, Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle

Jazdów 2, Warsaw

The performances in the native languages translated into Polish


The participation of spoken word artist Katrine Volsing has been supported by Danish Arts Foundation

Organizers: EUNIC Warsaw, Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Program Strefa