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About us

Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing institution. Since 1940 we have been engaged in fostering mutual understanding.


We believe that the arts and culture are among Denmark’s most important resources. We work for sharing knowledge on and sympathy for the values of the Danish society. In cooperation with partners we develop a long list of international culturally and societally relevant events and projects, that create mutual value and inspiration. This open and dialogue based approach to intercultural cooperation – which for us is a very broad concept – also contributes to creating better intercultural understanding.


It is our mission to contribute to strenghtening Denmark’s way of handling some of the challenges given by the globalization. This we do by an increased focus on the arts, on cultural and social issues with in a prioritized area of themes: children and youth, education, science, welfare and sustainability. What we do is tied together by a focus on developing ways of cooperation, which stimulate innovation and co-creation. Always with the focus of supporting good intercultural relations, sustainable growth and development.


Danish Cultural Institute in Poland is the focal point for creation of long term cultural relations, that contribute to visibility of Danish culture in Poland and to the mutual learning proces, that can both challenge and inspire cultural life in our countries.


The office in Poland was established in 1994, since 1999 it operates from Warsaw. Today the organization has institutes in India, Brazil, China, Latvia, Poland and Russia and the head office in Copenhagen,  including long-term programs in Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus.


Under Themes and Latest News you can read more about the projects and events, we are involved in.


Photo: Dansk Danseteater