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27 · 09 · 2017

Kristina Hauberg Kongsgart at International Short Story Festival in Wrocław

Danish Cultural Institute has invited Kristina Hauberg Kongsgart from a Danish bookstore Politikens Boghal to participate in International Short Story Festival in Wrocław. Basing on her wide experience on the market Kristina will take part in workshop for booksellers on how to sell ambitious books.


International Short Story Festival is a multidimensional celebration of short prose, aiming at the promotion of ambitious books. It concentrates on the unusual presentation of narrative forms, researches the influence of literature on other arts, provokes interactions between authors and audience, at the same time allowing the experience exchange between Polish and foreign artists.


At the heart of the festival is the reading of stories by their authors, in original languages, with the translation simultaneously screened behind; each year readings are set in different scenography and in different venues. The festival is accompanied by meetings, workshops for children, exhibitions, concerts, film roundup, best short story and literary translation competitions, creative writing workshops.


How to sell ambitious books / Workshop for booksellers


Galeria BWA Dizajn, ul. Świdnicka 2-4


10:00-11:00 Kristina Hauberg Kongsgart (Denmark)

Kristina has been working in one of the largest and oldest independent Danish bookstores – Politikens Boghal, who has been around for 102 years. During the meeting, she will explain how the character and financial independence of the institution, whose business is based on ambitious literature, has been preserved. We will also find out if there are other similar facilities in Denmark – and what difficulties there are.

Open for the public


11:15-15:15 Kristina Hauberg Kongsgart (Denmark)

Can a bookstore owned by a media house (the owner of a publishing house and three newspapers) remain independent? How to supply such a bookstore? Is it really different from the network? Kristina will answer questions about the specificity of Danish bookshops.

Closed workshops (only for bookers)


Admission to all events is free of charge, subject to availability of seats. Registration is necessary for workshops.


All meetings and workshops will be held in English with simultaneous or consecutive translation.