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15 · 11 · 2018

Good Because Danish meets with two upcoming Danish artists

Photo by Jonas Bang

Danish Cultural Institute is teaming up with the Polish online music magazine, Good Because Danish and will in the future share some of their excellent interviews, reports, playlists and other news on our website and Facebook page.


The first edition of news from Good Because Danish will compile two different interviews that both feature and introduce new upcoming Danish artists. You can find links to the original interviews in the bottom of the page.



Good because Danish: Your new single is about the relationship between two human beings. Can you tell us a little bit more about the background of the song?


Lew: I wrote the song 2 years ago. I think I wrote the lyrics after an argument with my boyfriend. One of those days where everything is brought to the big essential questions about who we are, and what are we aiming for and who is responsible for what. Those days, that show that we can’t change what has happened, but we can influence, what will happen. About how two people can speak to each other, without anyone actually listening or understanding what the other is saying… about trust, belief and hope.


Good Because Danish: We read that most of your new tracks were written in Northern Scotland. What inspired you most in those surroundings?


Lew: I was on the Outer Hebrides with my family, and what I wrote there were just sketches. I found a guitar in the house and recorded on my phone whenever I had a moment. Then I finished the songs when I got home, but with the atmosphere and memories in mind. What inspired me most? The overwhelming view and mysteries of the great nature of mountains, cliffs, surprisingly rough weather and changes, the many huge rainbows, the tide of the rough Atlantic Ocean and being in a place so far away from everything.


Good Because Danish: Can you already tell us a little bit more about the other songs of your new album? Will they all be in your exciting combination of dreamy noise pop and sensitive songwriting or did you also weave in some other influences?


Lew: “You Said” is definitely the most dreamy pop song on the album. I guess the rest is a bit rougher. In the studio, we were joking about making a hip hop-techno-bluesy album. I guess you would call it alternative rock – maybe industrial, eclectic music. The tracks are songs made on the guitar, as basic song-writing songs, and from there each song has found its own life. We recorded the songs live in the studio. And because we all kind of have some of the same musical backgrounds and interests, it felt natural to do it like this. Afterwards, we have dubbed roles and tweaked sounds and edited all kinds of things, but aiming at having the live feel still there.

Photo by And Poma

Cousin is a young Aarhus-based band, who recently had the honor of playing at UHØRT Festival. A festival, that focuses primarily on upcoming Danish musicians and bands. Katharina from Good Because Danish had the pleasure of chatting with two of the band’s members afterwards.

Good because Danish: How was the performance at UHØRT?


Cousin: It was a shock. I went out on stage before the performance and watched the crowd. 30 people showed up. “That is nice”, I thought. But when we were presented you could hear the roar. I thought “that is not 30 people!” It was just completely packed. It required some adjustment mentally, but other than that it was a really, really nice experience. I had the feeling that people really listened. I could not have asked for more.


Good because Danish: How was this performance at UHØRT different from others?


Cousin: You always play for the audience. They have expectations as to what you are delivering and you have expectations towards the audience. At some of our past concerts, the audience has been much more interested in dancing than listening, and I had the exact opposite feeling at UHØRT.

It can be quite difficult to get the best of both worlds. At other concerts, it was really cool to play some of the more upbeat songs. With more intimate pieces it can be difficult to get the crowd down again to pay attention.


Good because Danish: Part of the UHØRT experience was a coaching with Andreas Krüger and Lucy Love after your performance.


Cousin: It was really constructive. It is always really nice to have an expert give some kind of insight. Getting another perspective on what you are doing even though it will be opinion-based. We get caught up in trying to figure out how this song should be constructed and from an outside view, it is just a song.

More specifically, we were talking about how we write songs when we are at home. For instance, how we should think about making a catchy chorus. It was nice to get input on the process that is sort of technical, and not necessarily performance related.


Good because Danish: You had a big break between releasing songs. What did you do the past year?


It kind of made sense to take a break without having to take real break. We had a lot of sessions trying to experiment with some more electronic productions. We had some sessions in our apartment and we tried to work on extending the set. Basically just trying out new stuff.


There was a cabin trip. Mikkel’s parents have a really beautiful one. We have been practising while looking at the ocean. It is fascinating how much the surroundings influence the songs you write. When you write something you can get a bit caught up in some routines. When you are in a fresh space, it is just a completely different feeling. We are also always right in each other’s faces and we have to constantly try to get a product working, get music done as well as get along with each other.



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