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22 · 02 · 2019

Exhibition FUTURE LIVING in Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture

A modern school for children and city residents, circular buildings, sustainable social housing or temporary urban spaces integrating citizens and forming the identity of a new district, are just some of the ambitious city development and architectural projects located in various parts of Central Denmark Region and presented at the exhibition Future Living.


The exhibition investigates the challenges we are facing globally and explores new opportunities for the sustainable development of our future – in Denmark and throughout Europe.


Future Living addresses several of the UN’s 17 global goals for sustainable development, where urbanisation, climate and welfare are identified as some of the major global challenges.


Through in-depth insights of specific projects, this exhibition shows how cities and rural areas are rethinked today to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Within the themes of sustainable cities & communities, welfare and education and climate change adaption, the projects will give examples of how we can rethink the future and contribute to the sustainable development of our society.


Future Living is an international exhibition developed as part of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017. Its aim is to invite cities and citizens around Europe to discuss and to create ideas and solutions on our common future. Warsaw is the first stop on its international tour.


In Poland, the exhibition will be presented at the newly opened ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture (8.03-26.05.2019), the design center Bałtyk/Concordia Design in Poznań (30.05-8.09.2019 2019), The Festival of Architecture Westival in Szczecin (15.-26.10.2019) as well as in Gdynia Design Center (7.11.2019-19.01.2020).


The exhibition is curated by Rising Culture and Business/Denmark and developed in cooperation with the Municipality of Aarhus, Denmark and the Danish Cultural Institute in Poland.


Co-operation: The Capital City of Warsaw, the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects and Concordia Design in Poznań.


The exhibition is financially supported by the Municipality of Aarhus, Central Denmark Region, Foundation of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017,  the Danish foundations: Dreyers Fond and Boligfonden Kuben as well as the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture within the programme of cultural cooperation and dialogue between Denmark and Poland: Polen-Satsningen 2018-2020.


Exhibition Future Living

ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of  Architecture

Pasaż „Wiecha” 4, Warszawa



In the programme:

A talk with architects and partners: Rasmus Kierkegaard / Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Flemming Svendsen / CEBRA  (8.03.2019)


A debate with Aarhus City Architect Stephen Willacy (25.05.2019)


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