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17 · 10 · 2018

Danish Day with Line Knutzon at Reading Drama Festival in Warsaw

On October 22-24th, WARSawy Theatre in Warsaw will host a Reading Drama Festival co-organized by Drama Agency and ADiT Theatre.


It will be an unprecedented opportunity to get acquainted with Ukrainian, Danish, Austrian and German dramaturgy in the interpretation of Warsaw artists. Meetings with authors and translators are also planned. Each of the three days of the festival will be dedicated to the new plays from one European country.


The Danish dramaturgy will be represented by Line Knutzon, actress and playwright whose style is often compared to Samuel Becketts. Her plays have been successfully staged both in Denmark and abroad, and also translated to Swedish, English, Norwegian, German and French.


At the festival at the WARSawy Theatre on October 24th, her two comedies will be read – “Soon the time will come”, translated by Bogusława Sochańska and directed by Karolina Kirsz and “Guitarists” translated and directed by Paweł Partyka.


DANISH DAY – October 24th, start at 7:00 PM


Line Knutzon – “Soon the time will come”, translated by Bogusława Sochańska, directed by Karolina Kirsz


In the center of the play there is a married couple, terrifying in its mediocrity, living in a state of long-term sexual abstinence. They would like to sit down and discuss important matters like normal people, but they have no opinions. One day a proposal is made that they will be changing their roles from extreme rightists to leftists.

They will always remain in the ideal, average middle – which means nothingness. The play is a comedy in the spirit of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, in which everyone gets tangled up in bizarre romances, arrangements and intrigue.


Line Knutzon – “Guitarists”, translated and directed by Paweł Partyka


A comedy sparkling with absurd humor. A group of friends, the title guitarists, gather by the friends house who died in unexplained, extremely non-rock-and-roll circumstances (we know that a toaster was implicated in this case). Musicians want to set a list of songs for a concert in memoriam. “Guitarists” are also a satire on the mechanisms of democracy. The characters give each, even the smallest, decision to the vote, and after a short while, forgetting what option they supported.


Reading Drama Festival

October 22-24th

WARSawy Theatre

Rynek Nowego Miasta 5/7, Warsaw


Danish Cultural Institute is the project’s partner.


Admission to all events is free.

More information at:


Photo credit: Mikkel Tjellese