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28 · 10 · 2019

Danish children book illustrators at the 14th Baltic Meetings of Book Illustrators

The Baltic Meetings of Book Illustrators is an annual event, which showcases Baltic artists and illustrators of high quality. The event hosts a series of talks, exhibitions, workshops and presentations, as well as meetings between artists, writers, publishers and of course the general public – adults and kids a like. The event is organized by the Baltic Sea Culture Center located in Gdańsk, whose general focus is cultural cooperation and exchange between the countries bordering the Baltic Sea.


At this year’s edition, which will be the fourteenth of its kind, three Danish illustrators will participate – Lilian Brøgger, Kamila Slocinska and Cato Thau-Jensen.


Lilian Brøgger has been illustrating children books for almost forty years. Through her ever evolving graphic expression her works has come to span a wide variety of styles and moods. She has been awarded several prizes for her work, and has been collaborating with a wide range of Danish authors.


Danish/Polish Kamila Slocinska has since her debut in 2011 illustrated more than twenty books, as well as authored several. She has been working with and illustrating to some of Denmark’s most renowned authors of children books, and her work has been published in Denmark, Norway, Germany and China.


Cato Thau-Jensen is known for his very expressive style with compositions, figures and narratives bordering on the grotesque and surreal, but still situated within a humoristic mood. Thau-Jensen has since the 1990s been working with many authors, including a long standing collaboration with Kim Fupz Aakeson. His is one of Denmark’s most used illustrators.


All three artists will participate in meetings and workshops at this year’s Baltic Meetings of Book Illustrators, where also their original works will be exhibited.


The event will run from November 8th until December 2nd, 2019.