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12 · 03 · 2018

Christine Pryn at concerts in Wrocław

Danish violinist Christine Pryn will play two concerts in Wrocław where she will present pieces written by contemporary composers.

Christine Pryn has been invited to partake in the opening concert of the 31st edition of Musica Polonica Nova – Polish contemporary music festival. She will perform a piece called Tam / Tu. Concerto for violin, voices and instruments by a renowned Polish composer Rafał Augustyn, that has written it especially for her.


The musician’s second concert in Poland will be a solo recital under the Consonances musical cycle in Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wrocław. The violinist will play pieces by Pierre Boulez, Rafał Augustyn (with the participation of the composer), Bent Sørensen and Lera Auerbach.


Musica Polonica Nova is one of very few festivals presenting Polish contemporary music. The program is based on the world premieres of Polish composers’ works, played by outstanding artists from Poland and abroad. This year the festival reflects on how the Internet affects arts and social behaviours. The presented music will not be encapsulated in the connoisseur bubble, it will interact with the surrounding reality. The festival will clash and transform a symphony orchestra with an improvising musician, classic opera with multimedia, traditional music with experimental music, thus redefining whatever a concert experience means.



Consonances feature artists performing 20th and 21st century compositions. The project’s aim is to clash contemporary sounds with baroque ceilings and exhibits from the romantic times.


Christine Pryn – renowned Danish violinist educated in the Royal Danish Academy of Music, the Carl Nielsen Academy of Music and at Folkwang-Hochschule Essen. She started playing violin at the age of 9. She is particularly interested in 20th century music and contemporary music, and she has been supervised by some of the world’s leading composers of today like e.g. Krzysztof Penderecki. She has performed at international festivals in 25 countries and concerts with many national symphony orchestras.


Organizers: National Forum of Music, Polish Composers’ Union, Pan Tadeusz Museum in Wrocław

Danish Cultural Institute is the project’s partner

Co-financed by the Danish Ministry of Culture and Agency for Culture and Palaces

Opening concert of the 31st edition of Musica Polonica Nova 2018

April 20th, 2018, 19.00 hrs

National Forum of Music, Main Hall

Plac Wolności 1,  Wrocław


Christine Pryn’s solo recital under the Consonances musical cycle

April 22nd, 2018, 17.00 hrs

Pan Tadeusz Museum

Rynek 6, Wrocław