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10 · 10 · 2019

15th International Spoke’n’Word-festival in Warsaw

Under the heading ’WE NEED TO TALK’ Warsaw is hosting the 15th annual international Spoke’n’Word-festival with participants from all over Europe, including Denmark.


As a topic and motto, ‘WE NEED TO TALK’ is based on the participant’s poems that deal with a broad range of perspectives on both the problems in our shared society, but also the more personal issues of the individual poets. We need to talk about climate change, social inequality, consumerism, double standards, gender roles, and domestic violence, but also about the everyday and colloquial such as cheap cheese fondue, fresh cut grass, letters to yourself, Cyndi Lauper songs, and football matches.


Fundamental for ‘WE NEED TO TALK’ is the belief that although some of the topics might be less ear-pleasing or easy to debate, it is important that we keep discussing them and bring them out in the open. The language and the spoken word is a powerful tool that we must keep applying in dealing with both our own personal spaces and our shared spaces. We must communicate and express ourselves, in order to know who we are, where we are, where we are going and how to get there. The Spoke’n’Word-festival is one way of creating a space for such a communication and expression.


Spoken word poetry as a genre is meant for the stage, not the book. Oral performance is essential to the genre, where elements of poetry, theater, music, rap, beat recitatives, political speeches, autobiographical monologues or fairy tales are often used or combined, to make full use of the effects and ranges of the word in its spoken form.


This year’s edition of the festival will see participants from Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Portugal and Denmark performing in front of each other and a live audience. The Danish contribution will be poet, ‘slammer’ and ‘sprechstallmeister’ Dennis Buchleitner, who has made a name of himself on the national spoken word scene.


The festival will be held at DZiK in Warsaw at Saturday the 26th of October with a free admission.


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